Latitude 52

The Lease
The current Service charge is £1250 due 1st Jan & 1st July
The current Ground rent is £50 due 1st Jan
The lease is 125 years from 2005

Intercom – The handsets in your apartment are from the old system, the new system rings through to your phone, and the camera broadcasts to your analogue TV signal.
Email prologicsec@yahoo.co.uk to register your doorbell (£15 fee).

Contact – Please contact your landlord or agent with any queries, or if we can help we will, so please email L52concierge@live.co.uk or Latitude.52@live.co.uk to email the directors of the building.
BMUK (the building administrators) can be contacted on 01787 211801

Concierge – There is no longer a concierge service, instead there will be a building manager, this will still give us the previously enjoyed service but without a physical presence in the building.
Email L52concierge@live.co.uk we will endeavour to reply within 48 hours.

FaceBook Group – Please like our official page… ‘Latitude 52 Plymouth’, where we will post management updates.

Storage Units – There are a limited number of secure storage sheds available at a cost of £5 per week.
Email info@lilianowen.co.uk for details.

Motorcycle Parking – There are a limited number of secure motorbike spaces available at a cost of £10 per month.
Email info@lilianowen.co.uk for details.

Parcels – Al the cleaner will sign for and accept any parcels whilst he’s around (works 9-1), and will keep them safe and deliver to you early evening most days. Please respect his privacy and do not knock at his door or ask for his number.

Reporting Maintenance – If you notice something that needs doing within the communal areas (cleaning, bulbs, gate/shutter/door/lift problems etc then please call Block Management on 01787 211801 or email… L52concierge@live.co.uk or Latitude.52@live.co.uk

Gates – If your gate zapper or fob does not work, please report it to the building manager via email L52concierge@live.co.uk
Replacements are £40 (zappers), £15 (fobs), we can only issue them after receiving cleared funds.

Water – Water is invoiced by Block Management, and the meters are read by the Building Manager once a month, your landlord will then be invoiced. If you are not getting a bill ask your landlord or agent for one.
If you live in a corner or low level apartment the meters are often located within the apartment, if this is the case you will receive a ‘meter reading request slip’ around the 20th of the month, please drop this into mailbox 103, or text your reading to 07854 508615, or email to L52concierge@live.co.uk

Utility Readings – If you require an electric, gas or water reading please ask Al the cleaner (M-F 9-12), or email L52concierge@live.co.uk we will endeavour to have your reading within 48 hours.

Rubbish Collection – The Bin Store (with recycling bins also) is located by the entrance shutter of the Ground Floor car park, PLEASE DO NOT DUMP LARGE ITEMS, you will be charged for their removal.
Please do not leave rubbish bags outside your apartment, you will be charged for their removal.

Parking – There are just 65 spaces in the building, if you have a parking space, you must be displaying a valid permit on your or your visitors vehicle at all times. If you need a new one they are £10 and available from the L52 office by appointment.
Email L52concierge@live.co.uk

Bicycles – Use the racks provided, on a first come first served basis. Please do not chain your bikes up to the steel pillars.

Security – Please be vigilant at all times and do not let strangers follow you into the building. If you see anything suspicious please notify us via the FaceBook group, or email us immediately on L52concierge@live.co.uk or Latitude.52@live.co.uk
If a crime is being committed please call 999.

Fire Alarms – The fire alarms are linked to the entire building, please ensure you do not activate false alarms. If you hear the alarm, please follow the instructions displayed in the common areas. In the event of an alarm (false or otherwise) please call Block Management on 01787 211801 who will call out the engineer.
It is a criminal offence to remove or tamper with your alarm head, please do not touch it.
Or email… L52concierge@live.co.uk or Latitude.52@live.co.uk

Moving In? – Please let us know so that we can print this information off for you and register on our system.
Email L52concierge@live.co.uk or text 07854 508615.

Moving Out? – Please let us know so that we can get your final meter readings, and take your number off of the intercom.
Email L52concierge@live.co.uk
We can only accept keys from LuvPlymouth clients and tenants.

LuvPlymouth Lettings – LuvPlymouth now manage over 40 properties in Latitude 52, and offer its valued tenants and clients superior service. LuvPlymouth tenants will have been given a 24/7 contact number for emergencies and maintenance reporting, They can also carry out instant meter requests and deliver parcels directly to inside your front door as well as offering a personal service for just about anything relating to your apartment at Latitude 52.
LuvPlymouth clients can email info@luvplymouth.com or call/text/whatsapp the number given to you at the start of your tenancy.
Regrettably they cannot only offer this personal service to other tenants.

Need a print off of this information sheet? Please email us at L52concierge@live.co.uk and we will drop a copy in your mailbox.